Debugging happily alongside Trend Micro

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I've been struggling for some time with super low performance when debugging in Visual Studio 2015. I've sort of noticed, but repressed, that every time I look at something in the watch window, this TMBMSRV.exe thing goes 100% on one of my CPUs.

Today I got tired of having this problem, and while scavenging google, I stumpled upon this:

Turns out Trend Micro has a performance tuning tool you can run to find bothersome processes. And woe behold, there's msvsmon.exe generating a lot of events while tmbmsrv is at 100% CPU.

So I had a word with my friendly IT-guy, and we had msvsmon and devenv (for good measure) added to the central "Behavior Monitoring Exception List" for Trend Micro.

And it did the trick! Instead of waiting 2 minutes to attach to iisexpress and 30 seconds to see the contents of an object, I now wait 5 and 1 seconds respectively.

Oh joy! I can debug again. :)


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