Our Umbraco Community ContentList 1.0 (beta) released

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ContentList is a grid editor we've used internally at MarkedsPartner since 2016. It helps editors and designers insert lists of content in the grid without having to worry about queries, paging or building new templates.
I've finally been able to upgrade it to Umbraco 8 and polished it a bit. It's still slightly in beta, but there's nothing special but a bit of CSS polish lacking, so it should be fairly safe to use in production. 👼

There's a whole documentation piece in the readme over on github, so I won't bother with a whole lot of prose in this blogpost, but I recorded a half an hour demo (below) showing all the aspects of implementing its use in an Umbraco site.

There's really not much to do once you get the hang of it, and our editors and staff have been enjoying using it for five years, so I hope you will too.

Here's the demo, and I really hope to get your feedback here, on github or on youtube. The first 3-4 minutes show the gist of it, so no need to sit through the full half hour if you're just curious. 👍


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