Relation Editor 1.2.0 released

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I finally got around to releasing a new version of Umbraco Relation Editor. Sorry to the guys who've been waiting. New to this release is that I've changed to semantic versioning. The current version is now 1.2.0. Ignore the 1.2.1 alpha, it's older than 1.2.0.

Bugfixes for the new version are:

  • Tree check in mappings works for Umbraco 7.3.x thanks to jagbarcelo.
  • "Edit Relations" can be used from list content
  • RelationService bypassed in GetRelated* extensions due to lack of eager-loading

I also made a short video showing how to use the package for relating blogposts and textpages in the Fanø Starter Kit.

Hope you can use it.

Oh, by the way: I'd be super happy if a CSS and UX wiz would give the UI some love. ;)

Extra, extra

1.2.1 released as of jul 7th with a bugfix for contet menus of document type folders. Cheers to John Seto or the quick PR.


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