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For this years Umbraco UK Festival I was honored to be invited to run a unit testing workshop. It's a culmination of my talks and workshops until now, and covers everything you need to get going with testing the Umbraco backoffice, controller logic, external calls and finally front-end UI.

I know there's demand for this kind of training, and it might be difficult to get to the conferences where it's happening. For those of you, and those who feel bold and confident, I've released the material under the MIT license.

I can't promise I'll be able to help out if you go at it, but keep an eye out for a conference near you and encourage the organizers to host a workshop. ;)

You can clone the "workshop-start" branch from Bitbucket. The slides and workbook are included at the root of the repo.

You'll need

  • node
  • npm task runner (visual studio extension)
  • razorgenerator (visual studio extension)

Happy testing!


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